Пищевая промышленность и упаковочная техника

Food and packaging machines

Like the packaging industry, the food industry is a downstream economic branch where major parts of the products generated are processed. These include e.g. breweries, dairies, cooling systems, food manufacturing (or food processing) and many more. The fully automated production must not be interrupted by minor electrical problems. This is why early detection of potential faults is important in order to allow them to be repaired or the system to be shut down specifically when it is convenient to production. Bender fault current monitoring devices allow quick and early detection and forwarding of alarms with details of fault locations. 

Обзор продукции ISOMETER®
Обзор продукции Residual current monitoring
Обзор продукции Power Quality
Флайер Power Quality
Техническая информация Electrical safety in control and auxiliary circuits

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IEC 60204-1
Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines - Part 1: General requirements