IOM441-S / IOM441W-S

IOM441-S / IOM441W-S

  • Extension of the EDS44x by 12 potential-free contacts
  • N/O and N/C configurable
  • Optional insulation fault location or residual current function
  • Easy commissioning

The IOM441-S relay module is used to extend Bender devices, such as the EDS44x. For example, in the IOM441-S, alarm messages of the basic device can be converted into switching commands for the 12 relay outputs (N/O contacts). Communication between the two devices takes place via the Bender backbone bus (BB bus), which is mounted to the rear of the devices. The BB bus also provides the supply voltage for the IOM441-S.

A software update of the IOM441-S can be carried out via the BB bus. The parameters as well as switching states are stored in the IOM441-S. Some of the basic devices allow only one IOM441-S to be connected to them (refer to the data sheet of the respective basic device).

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  • Extension of Bender devices by 12 relays
  • N/O and N/C selectable
  • Extension of the measuring channels during insulation fault location by potential-free contacts


Обязательные комплектующие для IOM441-S / IOM441W-S

DescriptionArt. No.
BB BUS 4TE connector*B98110002
* included in the scope of delivery

Варианты IOM441-S / IOM441W-S

TypeSupply voltage USOption „W“Art. No.
IOM441-SDC 24 VB95012057
IOM441W-SDC 24 VxB95012057W

Загрузки для IOM441-S / IOM441W-S



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